Grumpy cat is a mixed breed reasembling a siamese cat and has a grumpy facial expression, in Lolcats The Sequel she married happy cat when she notices his expression. when in a maze a part of The Four Lolcats of The Apocalypse captures her, then she appears chained in a laboratory then Famine and Bafftime appear with a cube called the Endcube, a black cube which its name is similar to Endcat, then Bafftime places the cube close to her chest then the cube absorbs into grumpy cat's body turning her into a longcat like creature, she appears later when she in her longcat form is chasing some lolcats but is confronted by rumble then they battle but rumble wins then grumpy cat loses the endcube from her body and returns to her original form she still has her memory, she appears as a tertiary protanogist in Lolcats the prequel.

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