Lightbulb Cat
Personality Mischevious
Alternate Names Lightbulb Kitteh
Gender Male
Kindred None
Race Lolcat
Lightbulb Cat is a lolcat with glowing eyes.

Appearances Edit

All though not well known, Lightbulb Cat has appeared in Lolcats The Movie as a backround character in Pickles' flashback where he is seen killing a basement cat Minion by shooting it with a snake rifle. He also appears in Lolcats The Sequel as a minor protanogist. he finally appears in Lolcats The Prequel game as a escalation and multiplayer character [note:he is similar to Venus and Siren. other: in multiplayer he can be unlocked by having 100 Chezzburgers and can be played in escalation in two maps: Observation and Blackout.]

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