Nightmare Kitteh
Personality Insane
Alternate Names Mad Cat, Nightmare Cat, Mad Kitteh, D00M cat
Gender Male
Kindred Unknown, though he is speculated to be related to Basement Cat
Race Lolcat
This article is about the I Can Has Cheezburger's cat. There is also a non-ICHC equivalent, D00M.

Nightmare Kitteh is a white, demonic lolcat. His ears are little more than stubs, and he is quite insane. He is a secondary antagonist in Lolcats The Sequel.


Nightmare Kitteh first appeared in Lolcats The Movie in Pickles' flashback where he is seen killing his father by counterstabbing him with a dagger and makes off to the portal with Basement Cat.He also appears in Lolcats The Sequel where he is about to kill Siren but gets headbutted by Rumble into a lava pit. Note:[he is seen riding Furberus,other: he is nicknamed D00M Cat.]

He is one of the few Evil LOLcats.

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