The Audio Log in Lolcats: Rise of the Shardburger

The lolspeak word for "fail". It is pronounced with emphasis on the PH, rather than the English word of the same meaning in which there is no emphasis. So, if you fail, or if you are currently failing, you are said to be PHAILING. Phails can be found on "FAILBLOG", and can be heard as a easter egg in the campaign of Lolcats:Rise of the Shardburger [note: it is the prequel game other: you can hear an disorted "you phail" audio log in chapter 5:The Search if you enter a room which was graffitied a dopey picture of Happy Cat and he is saying ''Cheezbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug.'' if you enter the room you can find the audio log and can play it.]


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